All versions of ITX motherboard
All versions of ITX motherboard

All versions of ITX motherboard: Mini itx, nano itx, pico itx and mobile itx

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In this technology era, everyone is using laptop or tablets or computers for saving their precious and important data and files.

There is no limit for the age group for using laptops or tablets. Even a child may also use such things for his or her entertainment like playing games and some studying skills.

So, these laptops or tablets have become the necessary part of our daily life because, for each type of work, we depend on such things.

One important part of laptop hardware is the motherboard. There are many types of the motherboard which is mini itx. ITX stands for Info Technology extended. Size of mini itx is about 17 cm x 17 cm.

In the year 2001, November, VIA technologies launched small size motherboard which was named as ITX (Information Technology eXtended).

This first version of itx was known as mini its. With passing time, many versions of this mini itx motherboard come into the market which is nano itx and released in the starting of the year 2003.

While mobile itx was released in the year 2004 and Pico – itx which was released in the month April 2007.

All motherboards of itx are available with compact configuration; they can be purchased on a small amount.

This type of motherboard was originally designed for the fanless cooling system. Such itx motherboards are used in small setup cars, set-top boxes, network devices and in small computers.

The detailed information on all versions of Information Technology eXtended (itx) is given below:

Mini – ITX

The first version of ITX which is Mini ITX measures a form factor about 6.75-inch x 6.75-inch (17 cm x 17 cm) in size. One PCI – express or mini – PCI slot, 2 RAM slots, 1 network port, and some USB ports. Many of Mini – ITX boards involve VGA port which is onboard and an HDMI port.

One of latest and useful feature on MINI – ITX is that it consumes low power which is fewer than 25W of power. Power consumption is consumed through MINI – ITX is only 5W.

Nano – ITX

The Nano – ITX board available in size 4.7-inch x 4.7-inch (12 cm x 12 cm). Legacy ports were removed from Nano – ITX and moved to mini – PCI and SODIMM.

Pico – ITX

The size of Pico – ITX motherboard form factor is (2.8-inch x 3.9-inch) (7.2 cm x 10 cm) which is smaller than the Mini – ITX measurement. This type of motherboard provides support to the processor which is using VIA’s Nano BGA2 with speed up to 1.5 GHz, 128 KB L1 & L2 cache. Memory uses in Pico – ITX is DDR2 400/533 SODIMM memory. This memory has to support AGP video with inbuilt MPEG – 2, 4 and WMV9 decoding acceleration and up to 1 GB.

Mobile – ITX (2.4-inch x 2.4-inch)

This type of motherboard Mobile – ITX was specially designed for transportation, medical and markets which are embedded with the military. No computer ports are available in this as in mini itx and users have to use I/O carrier board. Size of Mobile – ITX motherboard is approx same as Pico – ITX motherboard.

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