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The Best Smartwatches for iPhone – Smartwatches have become increasingly popular when it came to the introduction of the new flagship devices by the reputed brands. One of those super reputed brands that is currently grossing at the top of all the technological brands is Apple.

Apple has been sophisticated in its approach right from the start of their gadgets with their initial iPhones. iPhones have become increasingly popular and currently dominate all the benchmark tests compared to the other phone in terms of speed, user interface and other host of features.

With the increase in success of the iPhones, Apple decided to roll out their own watches which were offered by the Apple loyal customers at discounted rates and soon dominated the smartwatch segment with their massive updates and sophisticated user-interface. But there are people who have been backing out from using the Apple Smartwatches, because they feel that it has been constrained in terms of flexibility.

But there is nothing to worry as long as there are other options in Smartwatches which are compatible with your iPhone. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best Smartwatches for iPhone that are affordable and are also compatible with the iPhone.

Things that you should know before buying a Smartwatch for iPhone


buy smartwatches for iphone
buy smartwatches for iphone

Smartwatches are still in their initial days, even three years after the arrival of the principal Pebble watch. This implies, dissimilar to a cell phone, most normal purchasers don’t require one (however that may change in the years ahead as they turn out to be more moderate and pick up highlights that enhance the smartphone capacities). A smartwatch is a watch, obviously, however past that it’s an augmentation of your phone.

You can combine a smartwatch with your phone (without the help of Bluetooth) so the watch can demonstrate a few or the majority of your phone’s notifications. Numerous Smartwatches additionally track your health, let you control music playback and enable you to perform other non-complex actions. Latest models likewise bolster outsider applications that broaden what you can do.

At the point when a smartwatch does its activity well, it decreases how much of the time you should keep your cell phone out of your pocket to react to notices, send a fast content, or check applications.
It can indicate your schedule updates, instant messages, phone call cautions, important messages and the web-based social networking refreshes when you look at your wrist. You can swap away these notices, send speedy replies, and much more, and enjoy the features that the iPhones have to offer its user.

Decent Smartwatches for iPhone will enable you to realize what’s happening while at the same time shielding you from making tracks in an opposite direction from whatever you’re doing in the real world.
Since all the Smartwatches are not compatible with the iPhone; you need to pay attention to every detail and check out the compatibility prior to buying the Smartwatch so that it can easily and effortlessly substitute the Apple Watch.

A Few SmartWatches for iPhone other than Apple Watch


1. Samsung Gear S3


Smartwatches for iPhone

One of the best alternatives for the Apple Watch is Apple’s biggest rival, the Samsung Gear S3. The case would have been different a couple of years back because of the lack of support of the iOS in the watch, which implies that this Smartwatch was not previously compatible with any of the iPhones.

In any case, the support has finally arrived and keeping in mind that it’s not totally an indistinguishable product from matching with an Android phone, it still does the activity extremely well for an iPhone, right from the pairing up process to the functionalities and everything in between.

The S3 obviously comes in two models; the Frontier for rough energetic fans and the Classic for a more extravagance watch look. Annoyingly, it’s greater than the Gear S2 this time; however it is stuffed with technology; so much that you might never want to get back into the real world.

Smartwatches for iphone
There’s built-in GPS, heart rate screen, a large group of outside sensors which will show signs of improvement in battery life when compared to the Apple Watch.

One form even offers the LTE bolster. It keeps running without the Tizen stage which still does not have the application support of Android Wear or the App Store, yet besides having the glossy bezel and a smooth UI; it’s a standout amongst other Smartwatches for iPhone and beats all the other watches that you are likely to come across.

2. LG Watch Sport


Smartwatches for iphone
LG has not been far behind all the developments that Samsung has made when it came to the gadgets. Right from the introduction of their flagship devices, LG has started their production of their very own smartwatch and surprisingly, has dominated major part of the global leaderboards in terms of compatibility and user interface, along with the functionalities of the same. The LG Watch Sport is a simple watch with not-so- simple features.

The features range from a different array of GPS to notification alerts to all the activity sensors that one would need in order to sustain a decent lifestyle using technology. The Watch has a sporty look to add to its beauty and has been crafted for a use of all sorts- it can be climbing the mountain and checking the altitude of the climb or can be used under a downstream in case you go rafting in wild waters. The watch pairs smoothly with the iPhone and has been considered as one of the best Smartwatches for iPhone, having replaced the Apple Watch.

The watch has a long battery life as well, which ensures that users do not run out of juice even after a continuous usage of the watch. Also, the watch supports LTE and is ideal for anybody who is willing to make an impression with the chiseled and beautifully carved body of the watch with a glossy bezel finish.

3. Fitbit Iconic


Smartwatches for iphone
If you are not quite impressed by either the Apple Watch or the Samsung and want something unique to go with your iPhone which will give a sophisticated look to the combination, there’s forever Fitbit’s first smartwatch to consider. Like the Watch Series 3, it’s about health and only about health. So it has a waterproof built structure and can be worn if you are swimming and are capable of going up to depths of 30m.

Alongside the fact that you can swim with it, it can work as a GPS to track runs and rides and as a locally available heart rate screen to quantify exercise force. You can also expect the typical Fitbit health attributes following highlights including the best rest checking durations of any wearable that has been manufactured and has been attempted as of late.

As far as the features of a genuine smartwatch for iPhone is concerned, it bolsters the outsider notifications, has an installed music player and disconnected playback bolster for Pandora (in the US).

You can download applications in it as well using the help of the dedicated Application Store installed in it, with the help of your phone’s internet connection. There’s additionally contactless installment bolster by means of Fitbit Pay.

Unlike the Apple’s dedicated smartwatch, the Fitbit Iconic works with Android, iOS and Windows cell phones and with up to 5 days battery life so that you don’t have to charge it consistently. It is available in different colors for the users to choose from.

4. Misfit Vapor


Smartwatches for iphone
The stylish and the uber cool Misfit Vapor offers a pleasant alternative option to the Apple Watch in what can be called as an extremely decent Smartwatch for iPhone. To begin with, it has a round OLED screen but at a single all-fit size, it fits every one, measuring 44mm (greater than Cupertino’s watch).

Next, there’s a convenient touch bezel and one catch at the crown position which implies that you do not need to smirch your finger over that screen excessively. But it is extremely touch responsive which makes it a brilliant combination with the iPhone.

With Android Wear 2.0 (not its own particular custom OS as guaranteed), an optical heart rate screen and water protection up to 50m, the Vapor is an exceptionally proficient all-rounder. It is perfect with the two iOS and Android, and can give a tough combination to both the Apple Watch Series 3 and the more seasoned models.

There are a lot of metal connection lashes to browse from and choices of rose gold are available as well, yet it is the sharp 10,000:1 differentiation show that will most likely get everyone’s attention. The missing GPS is the main bane of this phone, which will hopefully make an entry in its upgraded models. The fact that it is compatible with the iPhone is the biggest plus and makes it affordable too.


These are some of the best Smartwatches for iPhone and are a viable replacement in case you are not likely to invest in the Apple Watch. Choose according to your needs and budget and these Smartwatches will not let you down since they have an iPhone supporting the framework.

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