samsung galaxy x
samsung galaxy x

Samsung Galaxy X: Rumors or real?

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The smartphone is mobile which goes ahead of just texting and calling which was mostly available on cell phones. These new phones are changing the way we used to communicate and transcript our life.

The built-in features which are available in bulk of Smartphone have a lot of benefits which includes production, communication, even our relaxation time.

Today, there are some brands available which offer a great variety of smartphones. Some are cheap, and some are expensive, but they all come according to the desires and needs of a person.

Some other important benefits of having a Smartphone are:

  1. One can easily record any moment with the help of embedded microphones and cameras
  2. All smartphones have inbuilt functionality through which one can use social networking sites and stay in touch with their friends and family
  3. It also increases productivity of a person
  4. One can watch, read or listen to the music, video, or articles

About Samsung Electronics

Samsung group is the largest business group in Seoul, South Korea. The multinational company contains various addendum and also affiliated businesses under the same brand name Samsung.

This company was founded as a company for trading by Lee Byung-Chull in the year 1938. And in the 1983 Samsung started producing PC’s (personal computers).

Later Samsung got involved in few more things, and it developed its first voice-recognition, and in 2012 it became world’s largest mobile phone maker.

And now in 2018, there is a rumor that Samsung electronics is going to launch world’s first foldable phone under the name Samsung Galaxy X.

samsung galaxy x foldable
samsung galaxy x foldable

Samsung Galaxy X

It is heard all across the internet that Samsung is working on folding smartphones. A phone is currently known as Samsung Galaxy X which seems like the brand was working on this project for many years.

This ongoing rumor has attracted many attractions as people already started to think about the size of the Smartphone and how it will be folded.

Samsung has confirmed it for two times for last few months that the brand is planning to launch their new folding phone under the Galaxy note model in the year 2018.

Even this new phone got leaked on their official website with SM-G888No. As its model number which ultimately taken over from the official website by the company.

Design and price

The price and design are still not known for the phone as their many reports have shown different details on how exactly it may operate and look.

In 2014, an executive of Samsung had said that company is planning to make a flexible mobile phone which can be folded out in half and said it would be launched in the year 2015. But the year hasn’t come where we can confirm the launch.

According to report, it is said that the display size of Samsung Galaxy X can be around 5 to 6 inches. Moving over to other specifications there is still no information on it.

We will only wait for the company to make an official announcement to stop the rumors about the phone Samsung Galaxy X.

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