iphone x issues
iphone x issues

7 Things You Need To Know About IPhone X Issues Today

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The new iPhone X was long awaited by customers who lined up behind stores just to make their purchase. However, customers were stunned by the new features and were shocked that the iPhone is not so perfect. iPhone X issues have led to a decline in Apple shares as the company tries to rectify the problems.

The iPhone X is one of the best phones in the market with the OLED display, wireless charging, and Face ID unlocking. For the premium price customers are paying they expected nothing short of perfection.

1. iPhone x pulling hairs

Some have complained that the iPhone x is catching and pulling their hairs. It seems somewhere between the bezel and the display your hair or beard gets caught.

While the problem is not relegated to iPhone only but complaints have been heard from other iPhone models. The solution at the moment is just to get a case.

2. Unresponsive screen

Some users have noted that iPhone x becomes unresponsive in cold weather. The phone will become unresponsive for about 2 seconds when there is a rapid change of weather. But, after a few seconds, it comes back again.

There has been a software update to fix the issues; the release of iOS 11.1.2 has been made to solve the problem. Apple also advises that iPhones do not function in temperatures below zero degrees or above 35 degrees.

3. Face ID hacked

iPhone has been having issues with its face id with users claiming that they can fool the face id to log in to some else phone. Apple has however confirmed that there are problems when two people look alike.
Apple when marketing the phone said that the face ID could even recognize you when you grow a beard or change glasses. However, the face ID does not work when you have a scarf wrapped over your mouth.

4. Green Line

Some users of the phone have complained that there is a vertical green line that forms at the side of the display. We confirmed this on some phone. The solution is to restart the phone, and the display goes back to normal.

5. Buzzing speakers

In some phones, customers have complained that the phone makes a crackling sound when the volume is put on high. This is embarrassing for a phone going for almost $1,000. The previous iPhone 8 had the same issue which was rectified through a software update.

6. Availability of the phone

The phone was expected to hit shelves in mid-December, but many customers have complained of delivery delays. It will take you about 3 weeks to get the phone. Many critics have attributed the delay to Apple trying to solve some of the iPhone issues like Face ID. Many pundits expect a software update that will resolve some of the current iPhone X issues.

7. iPhone Headaches

Apparently, the iPhone causes headaches and eye fatigue. Many have speculated that could be as a result of Apple use of pulse-width modulation.


The iPhone X is a great phone. But, for the price tag, Apple need to urgently solve some of these iPhone X issues if they are to remain in the race for high-end phones.

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