iphone x hidden features
iphone x hidden features

8 Things About iPhone X Hidden Features You May Not Have Known

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The new phone is quite different from its predecessors. First you do not have a home button; in fact, there are no buttons at all. Many users will need to get used to the phone to appreciate the new features fully.

The iPhone X is taller and comes with a brand new design. The is a huge departure by Apple to move away from previous designs and make the iPhone X competitive in the high-end phone market. We are going to look at some iPhone X hidden features.

1. Face ID

This is probably one of the most marketed phone features. Many people were very much used to the touch Id in previous iPhone models, but the face id takes security to another level. To set up, you face id hold the phone down to your waist instead of bringing the phone to your face.

2. Open Apps Faster

One of the iPhone X hidden features is that it does not have a home button. You close apps by sliding your finger upwards, and you can navigate through the phone apps by swiping to the left or the right.

3. Camera on lock screen

Even when the phone is on the lock screen, you still can access the camera icon. The shortcut is not easily accessible to many users as they keep missing it. You can access it by swiping to the left anywhere on the lock screen.

4. Bring up the Home button

For those who cannot live without the home button, the iPhone X has included it for you. Go to General > Accessibility > Assistance Touch, and you can turn it on from here. Your virtual home button will be visible, and you can go ahead to customize shortcuts.

5. Turn off Face ID

In case you are somewhere you do not know what to use face id, or you are held captive; you can disable the face id by pressing the power button five times, and face id will be automatically disabled. You will then use your passcode to unlock the phone.

6. Extended Battery Life

The phone has an impressive phone life of up to one and half days. You can do this by putting your phone in low power mode. But, there is a better way. You can use black wallpaper and also by inverting colors into a pseudo-dark mode. The OLED display screen is the one responsible for the low battery savings.

7. Easy access of the control button

The control button is not very reachable, but you can change this by going to Settings > Accessibility > Reachability. When you activate it, you can swipe the gesture bar down, and the entire phone screen will slide down.

8. Covert your phone into a magnifying glass

Be a scientist and turn your phone camera into one big magnifying glass. When you go to settings > General > Accessibility > Magnifier. With this, you can zoom in on texts and objects.


The iPhone X hidden features will take some users some time to discover. This is a great high-end phone that has fantastic new features that are worth the price.

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