iPhone 7 battery drain
iPhone 7 battery drain

Number of ways to save your iPhone 7 battery drain

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The smartphone is the electronic gadget that made a life of everyone so comfortable. This is the main reason why people are too crazy for smartphones.

People from all age group may use this device without having any problem. The smartphone works on all operating system like Android, iOS, iPhone, and windows also.

iPhone is too expensive as from its starting series still there are huge users of iPhone.

People are attracting towards iPhone because they are too much crazy about using its amazing and unique features.

In the newer release of iPhone which are iPhone 8 or iPhone Pro or iPhone X, iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus, many problems occurred. One of the major problems is iPhone 7 battery drain problem.

As per developing company, Apple stated that iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 has at least 10 hours to 12 hours battery power with browsing the internet, checking games and chatting with your family or friends.

But, after using iPhone 2 hours to 4 hours, the battery starts to drain with high speed and iPhone smartphone shut off in 5 to 6 hours.

Users are too frustrated with this battery draining problem but cannot able to throw this expensive smartphone or also not able to buy the new smartphone.

Rather than throwing your iPhone, you can follow all just simple tips and tricks so that battery life will improve.

Tips and tricks for fixing battery life are:

  • Wait for it
  • Test on standby
  • Reset all settings
  • Check usage
  • Restore as new
  • Low power mode
  • Battery cases and banks
  • Maintain good battery health
  • Shut off location service
  • Check all apps on your iPhone
  • Manage iPhone display
  • Take backup all stored data
  • Screen brightness and auto – lock

Whenever the new update for iPhone is available, update as soon as possible. You should have to keep less number of apps active and hibernate rest of the apps which are not in use for a long time.

Users can’t blame company totally that there is the problem in manufacturing of the battery.

How you are using your smartphone and how many apps are running in the background, are also factors of draining of iPhone battery.

If your iPhone 7 is in uber warranty period, then you can claim for the replacement policy, and you will get new iPhone 7 from manufacturing company.

How you can increase battery life, for this you should have to know that how to make changes in settings.

For your help, we have provided a procedure, and you can run your iPhone 7 battery for a longer duration as compared to previous time.

Procedure for saving iPhone 7 battery drain:

  1. Go to the settings app
  2. Tap on battery option
  3. Tap on “battery life suggestions,” and you will see many settings for improving battery life
  4. Jump to all suggestions one by one and make final tap on setting which you want to make
  5. Tap on “OK,” and changes are made on your iPhone 7.

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