Htc One M8 Wireless Charging
Htc One M8 Wireless Charging

HTC One M8 wireless charging; A unique feature appeared in digital Market

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Technology is evolving to a greater extent, and this emerging technology is bringing everyone in touch with innovations and few extraordinary achievements of human development.

Nowadays, Smartphone has become one of the greater achievements of humankind as they make our life easy and convenient.

Earlier the technology was limited to the communicating each through calls and messages.

But now the things have been changed, and technology has been evolved.

In this Smartphone’s league, there is a new brand that has entered the market with new and advanced features, that is HTC. HTC is one of the best Smartphone companies around the world.

The latest model from this company is HTC One (M8) which comes with an advanced technology called HTC one m8 wireless charging, which is unique among others.

What is this Wireless charging feature?

This feature is very prevalent nowadays, the process of wireless charging is a method used with the help of a phenomenon electromagnetic induction.

This process helps in transfer the power from an inductive charged device to Smartphone through an electromagnetic field.

We can assume that a charging station is transferring the power to the mobile phone in a required level.

How far can this wireless charging help?

Gone those days, when battery draining problems used to occur now and then, with the advancement of Smartphone, advancement in charging ports can be seen.

This feature will help you in charging anytime anywhere, and you do not need any specific compatible charger for your device.

The feature in HTC one m8 wireless charging will help you to charge your mobile phone. With the help of a Wireless charging receiver card which is a module that attaches your Htc One M8 through a Micro USB.

Specifications of HTC One M8

Here are some of the specifications of HTC One M8 listed below:

  • HTC One M8 provides GSM frequency band
  • Li-Po type of battery with lasting time of about 496hours
  • Lightweight with ultra-thin design
  • Camera Resolution of 2688*1520 pixels
  • Colours available: Gunmetal Gray, Amber Gold, and Glacier Silver
  • Weight of 160g
  • 32 GB RAM
  • Android 4.4 availability
  • Wireless connectivity for charging

Price of this device

This Smartphone is available at many online and offline stores. The price of the Smartphone ranging from 11,000 to 12,000 based on color provides.

User’s Reviews

This latest model HTC collected many positive reviews from its customers.

Users have given their reviews in many aspects of this Smartphone such as looks, design, durability, and this unique feature of wireless charging.

These features are influencing more and more audiences to buy this latest Smartphone available in the market with advanced features.

So, if you are looking to buy the latest Smartphone with best of the features available, you may go for HTC one m8 with no doubts.

And the most attractive feature of HTC One M8 wireless charging is the most alluring one.

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