htc one m8 battery life
htc one m8 battery life

HTC One M8 battery life: Problem solved?

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The Problem

The problem arose with the HTC One M8 battery life not because it was not up to the task that it was advertised for but because its competitors were using 3000mAh batteries while it was still stuck with sub 3000mAhs.

Its competitors gained on it as users preferred switching over to another brand that offered more battery backup for the same amount of money.

It is a well-known fact that mobile phones have become as much integrated with our personal and professional lives as anything else of daily need.

Many people missed out on important emails as their phone got switched off after getting drained.

But on a brighter side of thing for HTC users, the company has finally answered solved the battery problem it seems.

The new HTC One M8

The new HTC One M8 battery life has been prolonged not because it has started to make use of larger batteries (it has increased its capacity by 300mAh though); it lies in the fact that the new phone is much more efficient than its predecessors.

Its continuous usage drained the battery slower as compared to the older versions. The main thing to notice is that it compromises nowhere in its performance.

If anything, the performance of the new HTC One M8 is slightly better than before. The brightness of the screen has been kept the same, and so has the display.

The processor works better with the new battery to provide an additional edge to the device.

Changes that make it better

HTC has never been a big better on numbers. It has always had more performance oriented mindset. It took the same approach that it had to its cameras.

Big numbers don’t make the performance better. The efficiency of the device does. The new HTC one M8 battery life does exactly that.

It has made the device more efficient while reducing the battery usage. The main contribution is the new Snapdragon 801 processor that is relatively easier on the battery.

Although it is not yet meant for immersive gaming addicts, office users will find the phone more helpful now.

They can easily get two day’s work out of the phone if they do not use it for gaming or other RAM heavy activities. Even location tracking and continuous email checking will not drain its life.

Does it work?

It all comes down to this simple question. The answer is yes, the new HTC one M8 battery life does live up to our expectations.

A hand on experience has revealed that not only is this device longer lasting but also relatively faster than before.

Those who prefer their phones to be gaming devices should know that this is a phone for office usage and long duration gaming will not only drain it faster but will also heat up the device.

A phone worth buying

HTC has indeed come up with a product that offers a good return on investment. If you decide on buying the new HTC One M8, you will not be disappointed.

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