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Google Voice – The Big Phone Service from the Search Giant

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Welcome to our post: Google Voice – The Big Phone Service from the Search Giant

This is all too common.

Expecting an important call, I decided to quickly empty the waste bin. When I came back, there was already several missed call on my phone from the person.

Though it may not always take the above form the truth is we miss important calls many times due to one thing or the other.

If that has been your lot lately, you can put a stop to it right away by signing up for Google Voice.

What is Google Voice?

Google Voice is a revolutionary service from the Giant tech company designed to make life easier for ordinary people like you and me, most especially in the area of phone communication.

Imagine this scenario. You’re out jogging. Something cropped up that you need to be informed of immediately. Because you only take out your other phone on your jog, you can only be reached when you get back home.

With Google Voice, problems like this one are well taken care of. When someone calls on a phone, all your phones ring at the same time.

Not only that, you can decide if you’re going to pick the call or send it to voicemail. You can listen in on the voicemail. You can also accept and record the call.

It doesn’t end there. If you send the call to voicemail and listen in, and then decide it’s a call you should pick, you only need to press * and start speaking to the caller.


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How do you start using Google Voice?

For now, Google Voice only works in the United States. Signing up is very easy. You will need a Google account, a US phone number with a call forwarding feature and a computer or phone with internet access.

To sign up using a computer, visit and sign in to your Google account. After accepting the terms of service, you can now search for numbers by city or area code. After seeing the number you want, click on ‘Select’ and follow the instructions.

For Android phones, search for the Google Voice app in the Play store and download. Then open the app and sign-in with your Google account. You will then need to search for a Google Voice number using area or city code. When you see a number you want, tap on “Select” and then follow the instructions.

For iPhones and iPad, it’s much like the Android steps. You download the Google Voice app in the App Store, open it and sign-in to your Google account. After accepting the TOS, Search for a number using city or area code. Then tap on Select and follow the instructions.

Things to Note about Google Voice

When you don’t find an available number in the area you want, try a nearby location.
Right now, 1-800 is not available for Google Voice offers


Google Voice comes with such awesome features that I find it hard to believe that more people in the US are not using it.

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