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Google Pixel Tips – Getting the Most out of Your Phone

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Congratulations on joining the special class of people using Google Pixel. Today we’ll show you the best google pixel tips.

That phone in your hand may probably be the best phone ever made. It comes with a boat-load of exclusive features you will rarely find on any other phone at the present.

With the Pixel, Google is redefining the way we use our phones. And if you have coughed out the money for this premium device, which critics have said it’s on the high side, it means you’re looking forward to a wonderful experience with the phone.

The following tips will give help you enjoy your Google Pixel tips to the fullest.

1. Activate Wi-Fi Assistant

As expected of a Google product, the Pixel is web intensive. You will find in it a dependable ally that allows you accomplish numerous tasks easily.

To avoid leaving a huge hole in your pocket due to cellular data costs, you may want to activate the inbuilt Wi-Fi Assistant.

The Wi-Fi Assistant not only allows you to connect to a high-quality public network wherever it finds one, it also keeps your personal information safe from prying eyes by making use of Google own VPN service.

To set up the wi-fi assistant, open Settings and select Wi-Fi. In the top-right corner, tap the gear icon and slide to the ON position the switch located next to “Use open Wi-Fi automatically”. You’re good to go.

Now you have a powerful tool that connects you to a public network without any input from you. Whenever you see a key icon with the ‘G’ logo beside it, then the Wi-Fi Assistant is at work.

2. Google Pixel Tips Live Wallpapers

Make your phone come alive with live wallpapers.

It’s not that this feature doesn’t exist on other Android phones but users often complain about the huge drain the feature takes on battery life.

The Pixel comes with an upgraded live wallpaper feature. You now have wallpapers that can change based on battery usage. You even get to see the cloud conditions of wherever you are located. Additionally, with the new upgraded features, you won’t need to worry about the toll the live wallpapers have on your phone battery life.

The Pixel has different wallpaper categories. To make the live wallpapers a set-and-forget feature, activate the Daily Wallpaper option. This automatically changes your wallpapers every 24 hours.
To check out the complete wallpaper options, long-press the home screen and then select Wallpaper.

3. Record your Video with higher resolution

Since the Pixel comes with unlimited storage for videos and photos on Google Photos, the photo sharing and storage service owned by the search giant, who needs to record video in 1080p resolution.

To record in 4K, you will need to manually change the video resolution since 1080p is the default resolution for the Pixel. You can do this from the camera app menu. Select “Settings” and under “Back camera video resolution,” select “4K”.


As I said earlier, the Pixel comes with a lot of features that makes it one of the best smartphone on the market today.

This guide is to point you to some of these helpful features. However, it’s not intended to be a complete guide to your phone. There are many features you will come to discover yourself as you use your phone.
So what are you waiting for? Start putting your Google phone to maximum use.

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