google pixel hidden features
google pixel hidden features

Google Pixel hidden features: More than just the ordinary

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Google Pixel is Google’s flagship device and brings a lot of new features along with it. Below, we make a list of Google Pixel hidden features:

1. Google assistant

The Google assistant works wonderfully. Google’s interface is smoother than Apple’s Siri. It helps you to talk about your accent without having to go to the trouble of making phony accents so that the phone can understand what you are trying to say.

2. Machine learning

The machine learning capacity of Pixel has been made way better. It is because of this feature that the AI can understand what you are trying to say. It hears your accent and then adapts to that accent, and this makes using the voice assistant easier in comparison to other devices.

3. Nightlight timer

One of the more important features that earlier smartphones were lacking. The use of night light makes the screen of the phone less straining on the eye of the user at night. This helps in reducing insomnia in the user, and he or she can go to sleep even after long usage of their phone.

4. Easier split-screen multitasking

Multitasking has been made better. It runs more smoothly now. This allows you to operate multiple windows on the same screen and be able to handle some tasks at the same time. This might be essential to some users who use their phones more like a performance device.

5. 3D touch

The 3D touch allows you to do multiple things with the same thumbnail without having to open it or go inside multiple folders. It was earlier available only to Apple users, but Google has brought it out to Android users now too. This increases the efficiency of the phone and saves the time of the user.

6. Custom options

You can also customize your shortcuts on this phone. It helps you reach those apps quickly that you think you will need the most or at a short interval of time. It also makes features of the phone available for your convenience to be arranged as you see fit according to your use.

7. Free unlimited storage

Google offers its users free unlimited online data storage. This means never having to delete a picture again. It is saved online on the cloud without occupying any space on your handset and thus giving you more space to install apps for your ease.

8. Facial recognition photo tagging

It is one of the newest features in any handset. The Google facial recognition application helps to identify the faces of the people in your photos and stores them. Then on any given day, you can search for the photos of that person simply by searching their name in your photos.


Google pixel hidden features make it a brand new segment in a category of smartphones that have been vying for a revolution for a long time.

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