Google account recovery for Android
Google account recovery for Android

Google account recovery for Android, Recover Your Account Using Android

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Welcome to our post: Google account recovery for Android, Recover Your Account Using Android
Google does not offer an explicit way of recovering your lost passwords and usernames.

Have you forgotten your Gmail account password? There are moments when forgetting username and password for your Google account can be an inconvenience, specifically when you are not involved in online activities. Nevertheless, with your Android device, you can recover your Google account within a few minutes.

In fact, if you stay for a longer period without accessing your account, Google can assume that you have abandoned your account. They can delete your account because it is not active. For such accounts, recovery is impossible. The process of recovering your Google account must be done within a web browser. The following are some of the things you can do for Google account recovery for android:

Use Google Security Questions to Reset Your Password

Having an active internet connection on your android phone is important when it comes to resetting your password using the Google security questions. This Google account recovery option only works on android phones or devices alone. If you want to reset the password using the Google security questions, you need to follow these steps:

  • After several failed attempts done for Google account recovery for Android, click Forgot pattern.
  • Click Answer question.
  • Type the answer to the security questions, then click unlock.
  • You can choose to create a new pin if there is a Yes or No dialog box. If you click on No, you will not be allowed to create a new pin for the Google account.


  • On your Android device, then open the web browser and navigate to Google sign-in webpage and click ‘need help.’
  • Click on ‘I don’t know my password’ tab, then type your email address. Then, click continue.
  • Carefully follow password reset wizard, enter catchpa code (if it is required), enter the last password you can remember you can remember and telephone number. You will receive a verification code as a text in your phone
  • Enter the verification code appropriately, then click continue.
  • Type your new password and confirm it, then click “Reset Password.”

Use Your Primary Gmail Account

For Google account recovery for android to be achieved, you must have a primary Gmail account, apart from just having an active internet connection.

  • After entering the wrong password several times using your android device, you ought to wait for about one minute then justify, forgot password.
  • Sign in using the primary Gmail account. Ensure that the username and password for this account are correct.
  • Type the new password or draw the new unlock pattern, then click continue.
  • Confirm the new pattern or new unlock pattern and then click on continue.

It is important that you should visit the Google account recovery for the android page if you cannot remember your Gmail account password and username. For you to be very fast in recovering the Google account, you must know almost all applications on the Android device for you to avoid confusion. Also, you can check for Google account recovery tips on the internet, for instance, check

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