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Fast Charging Tips You Must Know And Save Time!

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Have you ever realized that you did not charge your android phone when you are about to leave for work? The battery level is low, and you have fifteen minutes left to leave, you can plug it into a charger to boost it, though it possible that it can gain two percent by the time you are leaving.

How can you avoid this? The following are fast charging tips for your android phone:

Have the Right Charger and Plug, Fast Charging Tips

Though several android chargers have universal fittings, it does not mean they are similar. For fast charging, connecting the charging cable to your computer or laptop is not recommended.

While charging, USB 3 will chuck out 4.5 Watts, while the USB Port delivers 2.5 Watts. The wall charger is likely to deliver much more, and because of this, it is the best option if you want to charge your phone faster.

Today, several Android phones can support fast charging that delivers up to 15 Watts. Hence they can charge your phone very fast. This does not mean that these phone chargers are fast. You can be forced to buy yours.

For instance, the stock chargers are not fast chargers while LG android phones have fast chargers. Nevertheless, third-party chargers can be cheap, though very slow when it comes to charging your phones.

If you are in a hurry, never use a wireless phone charger. The wireless charger cannot deliver power the way an old-fashioned cable that is in good condition can. You can use it when there is more time at hand.

As compared to USB charging, wireless charging is faster, though less effective than wall-socket cable charging.

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Getting the appropriate charger

For you to get the appropriate charger, it means that you must know what to consider when buying it. You must know the charger’s voltage and mAh and ensures that it matches the voltage of your phone.

If the voltage is higher than that of your phone, your battery will be draining faster, or if it is has a low voltage, it will take time for the battery to be 100% charged.

The review is important when you want to buy a phone charger. The problem with phone chargers that even make them slow in charging is because they are made of cheap components, and because of this, they have short circuits.

If a third-party charger vendor has positive reviews and good reputation, you will not have anything to worry but buy the charger from him. You also need to be careful since cheap counterfeit phone chargers are propagating sites such as Amazon and eBay.

Getting the right charger and plug is not difficult, though you need to do some research. With this, you will get a charger that can charge your phone faster.

During Charging, Put the Phone on Airplane Mode

If there is no application that is running in the background, the phone can be recharged quickly. If you turn the airplane mode on, the wireless radios are blocked, phone capabilities reduced and therefore, the phone will not do much.

Also, you will not receive messages or calls when the phone is in airplane mode, though it is important that the phone should stay on for a long duration.

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Turn Your Phone Off

Unlike putting the phone in the airplane mode, it can recharge when it is completely off. When it is off, you are likely to miss some notifications, though this will help the phone to stay on until you come back home from the job.

Always Use Battery-Saving Mode

Almost all android phones have battery saving mode. You need to switch it on as you charge your phone for fast charging. When it is turned on, the battery life will be improved, most background data, vibration and location services will be limited. Something to note is that whenever you are charging your phone, the battery saver will turn off immediately.

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Ensure that Less Important Features Are Switched Off

Always confirm if there are less important features running in the background that use up the battery power. All applications ought to close, and the phone stopped from doing automatic updates and backups, especially from Google Play Store.

Do not Touch the Phone, for fast charging

While charging, you may need your android phone to be on as well as out of flight mode because you are waiting for important calls, do your best not to touch it for some minutes. The screen is the most battery drainer, therefore, the more you touch it, the more time it will take for the battery to be full.

Purchase Portable USB Charger

The other name for portable USB charger is power bank. With this, it is not a guarantee that you will charge your Android phone faster.

Though it’s recommended since it will help you charge when the battery is low when you are away from home. Portable phone chargers come in different varieties. When purchasing it, some factors to consider include input current, number of ports, quality and price.

You should buy the charger from reputable vendors since this will ensure that you get the best charger that will not drain fast or explode. Moreover, it is true that the quality of the charger is likely to determine its cost. In most cases, high-quality portable power banks tend to be expensive.

Determining the number of ports in the power bank is important since the number of devices that can be charged at the same time. For instance, if the charger has four ports and it is of high voltage, you can use it to charge four devices.

The longer the power back will take to recharge depends on its input capacity. Some can be recharged overnight. Some of these chargers can charge devices when they are being charged. Nevertheless, this is not recommended since the lifespan of the power bank can be affected. For more information about what to consider when buying a portable charger, click especially if you are looking for fast changing chargers.

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