dell xps 15
dell xps 15

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Laptops are more like a notebook which is designed to perform as a portable computer with the same capacity as the desktop has, but its size is small enough that you can easily carry it anywhere.

In today’s generation a lot of laptop making companies is present and from one of them are Dell computers. In this, we’ll talk about the company and their mission and also talk about their laptop model Dell XPS 15.

About Dell Computers

This computer company has a wonderful success story of the 20th century. Dell computers were started in the year 1984 by Michael Dell who was a college student back then.

In the 21st century, Dell Computers became computer giants. Michael aimed to trade an IBM PC a compatible computer in which he can use stock components to build the laptop.

What is their mission now?

They are very clear with, their mission of becoming the most profitable computer company in all over the world by giving the best experience to their customers in the markets that they serve.

Dell also promises to meet the customer view of:

  • Leading technology
  • Greatest quality
  • Price in a competitive level
  • Stability in finance
  • Best service and support for their customers
  • Exceptional corporate citizenship

Dell computers and online sales

Dell computers took stake high when they sold equipment for 1 million dollars per day after its seven months of online store launch, which was in the year 1996.

It became the 4th largest e-commerce site of United States in the year 2007, and in 2017 it came 3rd in the world market for shipping products worth around 40.7 million of the calendar year 2016.

Dell XPS 15 specs

Dell XPS 15 is from one of the notebooks that have received a lot of applause.

Dell has always come up with the world-class notebooks, and this one is in its league even some people have said that this notebook is the brand’s one of the best models.


  • 2.8-GHz Intel Core i7-7700HQ CPU
  • WINDOWS 10 operating system
  • 16GB RAM, upgradable to 32GB
  • 512GB SSD hard drive size


Dell hasn’t changed the design for XPS 15 from last few years, so all the model doesn’t feel that different from each other. XPS 15 still have a functional and clean design with a rock solid built.


XPS 15’s display is so brilliant that you won’t even feel the need of any external monitor for watching series of Netflix, films and also for the gaming purpose.

This notebook comes with a 15.6 inch 4K screen which offers most brilliant and vivid colors.


This notebook is a king of multi-tasking. Equipped with 2.8-GHz Intel Core i7-7700HQ CPU, 512GB PCIe SSD, and 16GB RAM.


Dell XPS 15 will stand alone for most of the time of the day. This notebook was run 8:23 on Laptop Mag Battery Test outstripping most of the mainstream notebooks.


The XPS 15 may not look like the notebook used for gaming, but it got all the cleave for an entry-level gamer, and it’s all thanks to Nvidia GeForce 1050 GPU along with 4GB VRAM.

At last, I can say that Dell XPS 15 is a brilliant notebook and the best part of it is 4K screen and also you can opt it for playing games as well.

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