bypass android lock screen without reset
bypass android lock screen without reset

How to bypass android lock screen without reset your smartphone

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Ways You Can Bypass Android Lock Screen Without Reset

The primary reason we set up lock screen on our smartphones is to keep strangers and sometimes our friends from scrolling through our photos and private messages. You also don’t want someone who steals your phone to gain full access to your images, emails, or any other sensitive data.

However, what you forget your lock screen pattern and you’re the one who can’t access your device? Or when your sibling or spouse pranks you and changes your phone pattern and leave you struggling? If you are attached your phone then you know such times can be very frustrating.

The good news is that there is a solution to bypass your android screen look without smashing your smartphone on the wall or at your friend. The first thing you will have to do is have an Android Device Manager on your smartphone. If you have never locked yourself out of your phone do this now!
If your device is a Samsung phone, you can use your Samsung account to unlock your phone.


So What do You Do When You Have Forgotten Your Android Locked Screen Pattern, Password, or Pin?


Use Android Device Manager to Unlock Your Android Device

The ADM method applies to devices that have enabled the ADM. The first step is to visit the ADM site on your laptop or other smartphone and sign in with the Google login details you used on your phone.
Once in the Android Device Manager interface, choose the phone you want to lock. If you have ever used the Google sign in on your phone, you will find that the device is already selected. On the interface, pick ‘lock.’ Then enter a random password on the window that appears, you don’t even need to add a recovery message. Click on ‘Lock’ again.

You should receive a confirmation message below the box if it were successful. The message will appear next to the buttons with Lock, Ring, and Erase. On the locked phone, you should be able to see a password field where you will enter the temporary password. Once you do, your phone should unlock.
When you unlock the phone, before the excitement overtakes you, make sure you head over to the phone’s lock settings and deactivate the random password you entered. And that’s it! Easy right?


For Android 4.4 users, Use your Google Login to Bypass Your Lock Screen Pattern

There is an even faster way to bypass your lock screen patter if you have already modernized your firmware to Android (5.0) Lollipop. In this case, if you don’t recall the correct pattern, password, or pin, enter a false lock screen pattern about five times.

Once you do that, choose ‘Forgot Pattern,’ and you just put a backup pattern, password or pin or your Google account login details. Enter either your Google login or pin. Your phone will unlock after that.


Use ‘Find Mobile Tool’ to Bypass Your Samsung’s Lock Screen

If you registered your Samsung phone beforehand and created a Samsung account, then it will be easy to unlock your Samsung device. In this case, go to your Samsung Find My Mobile. Use Samsung login details to sign in.

You will see your registered phone on the ‘Find my Mobile Account’ on the left-hand side. It will tell you your phone is already registered to that account. Select ‘Unlock my Screen’ on the left sidebar. Select ‘unlock’ and wait a few seconds for the process to finish. You will get a notification window notifying you that the screen has been unlocked. And just like that, you can continue using your phone.

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Use Custom Recovery and Pattern Password to Disable Lock Screen

In this method, the SD card is needed. This is best for radical Android users who are familiar with ‘custom recovery’ and ‘rooting’ terms. Your phone must have an SD card dolt, and you also need to install any custom recovery on your phone.

You need your SD card because you need to allocate a ZIP file to your device. If you have an SD slot get the Pattern Password Disable file on your laptop and transfer it to the SD card. After that enter the SD card on your phone and reboot your device into recovery.

Put the Zip file on the SD card and then restart the phone. Your phone will then start without an impenetrable screen. After that type, a random gesture or password and your phone will unlock.



There are several ways that you can use to bypass your Android screen lock. It all depends on applications, services, or tool that will best serve the purpose and you will thoroughly bypass the lock screen without resetting your device.

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