best smartwatch for women
best smartwatch for women

The best smartwatch for women: sleek and graceful

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We cannot deny that choosing the best smartwatch for women is not as easy as it is to find the best smart watch for men. There is a limited choice with Apple, Pebble and FitBit being the only brands available around.

Ok….so you have limited choice of the stores?

But we get you help with our list of Top 5 Smart Watches for Women. You can go online and shop for these smartwatches that are special, sleek and graceful, specially designed for all you smart women out there!

Best Smartwatch for Women You Can Buy in 2018


1. LG Watch Style

The slimmest of all smartwatches, LG watch style has a minimalist aluminum case that makes it look sleek and beautiful.

The display of the watch is 1.2-inch P-OLED 360X360, and it has 299 PPI pixel density. It has a Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor and IP67 water and dust rating.

The watch can be charged wirelessly, and the battery lasts 24 hours.

2. Michael Kors Access

The beautiful, well-made piece from Michael Kors is available in some finishes and comes with different leather bands and metal bands.

The watch has a 1.4-inch display, 4 GB storage and a resolution of 320X290. The watch also has an activity tracker that will help you track all your physical activity.

The leather band with the charm of a pearl-effect is all you could have asked for in the end.

3. Moto 360 2

One of the best smartwatches for women, Moto 360 2 was launched in the year 2016. The watch is sharper and faster than its other competitors and is available in some designs.

The size is neither too big nor too small, and the battery does well for one and a half days.

You get everything from a fast processor to a sharp display and a good built with the Moto 360 2.

4. Misfit Phase

Misfit Phase is a hybrid smartwatch that has an analog display and comes with fitness tracking sensors that are built-in the watch. The smartwatch is a beauty and is 41 mm thin.

The straps are interchangeable that allow you to give the watch a new look every time. The Bluetooth feature allows you to receive all the push notifications from the smartphone on the watch.

The watch is accurate, and the companion app is very intuitive.

5. Asus Zen Watch 3

An all-around watch, that’s what Asus Zen Watch 3 is popularly called! It is the most stylish smartwatch for women and has a decent battery as well.

The watch is compatible with an Android device and allows you to receive push notifications from your smartphone. You can also run several applications on it.

It also has sleep tracking feature. The watch is available in three different colors– black, silver and rose gold.

So, get spoilt for choice and pick up the best smartwatch for women!

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