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The best app lock to keep your smartphone safe

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When it comes to your smartphone, the first thing that you want to have is your privacy. You don’t want your family members or strangers picking up your phone and using it without your knowledge.

The idea of someone other than you using your smartphone is chilling especially if you haven’t permitted them to, worse yet is if your phone happens to be stolen, the loss you go through can’t even be explained, and we all know they don’t come cheap.

Therefore, investing in a good security app lock for your phone shouldn’t be undermined as it will save you a greater deal in the long run. You shouldn’t assume just because you have a pin or a pattern or even a fingerprint lock on your phone that you safe to go and don’t need a security app, you will be surprised to find out how insecure your phone is once it lands on a smart person’s hands!

There are a lot of app locks on the market, and this might get confusing to which you should invest in. Remember you don’t need to settle for the first app lock you come across, you need to be well informed on the feature it offers and if it is compatible with your smartphone.

These are a few solutions offers for securing your smartphone with the best app lock in the market that guarantee the best security:


AppLock App

This is the coolest security app for Android out there, it’s simple to use and doesn’t even require too much data to have it on your phone.

The App Lock protects individual apps on your phone, yes you heard that right. Once you’ve installed the App Lock it lets you choose a different pin or pattern from the one you’ve been using after you input your desired pin or pattern the App Lock will request you to provide a valid email address.

After you’ve set your email tap the save option that will appear, and you all set to use this cool app for protecting your desired apps.

App Lock also allows you to prevent others from blocking apps, installing other apps and games without your permission and even block users from turning on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi!

This app also can fake the Androids default prompt. If a stranger wants to access your phone, this app has it covered for you as it will redirect the person back to home screen making it impossible to navigate through your phone if they don’t have your password.

Also, App Lock can take photos of everyone who picks up your phone when you not around, this enables you to see who tried to access your phone, isn’t that cool?

LoveKara App

This security app is not complex to use; it has simple features that are easy to navigate through.
For starters, you need to have a pin, once you enter your pin and reconfirm it ABL then asks you for a secret question, answer and even a password hint.

Once you are done, you have to set an unlock pattern, and voila you are set to use your app lock. This app doesn’t have in-app purchases.

SmartApp Lock

This security app enables you to lock your desired folders, photos, videos, WhatsApp and the like.

SmartApp Lock works like AppLock in that it prompts the user for a numeric password; it has a set password that’s usually set to 7777. You need to input the numerals in a text field provided for you to be able to access the main SmartApp Lock interface.

There is a green button in the UI with a plus sign. Tap the button. Once you’ve done that, the app lock will show a drop-down of your installed apps on your smartphone and an options button for enabling/disable password protection for each one them.

If you need to protect some apps, you will find use the toggle button for that, it’s pretty simple. The SmartApp Lock also supports multiple passwords and its compatible with a finger sensor.


Top Best App lock screen for Android Phones

With most focusing on the Android app lock they tend to forget lock screen app. Nowadays they have been replaced by fingerprint scanner which is also cool but what about those people who suffer from sweaty palms? You have to admit the fingerprint scanner won’t work for them, and this is why there are other options for those who share this problem with me.

Zui Locker

This lock screen app is well known due to its design, we all like beautiful things, and for an app screen lock, Zui Locker has it all. It has a security setting that enables you to customize it as you please.

Another feature of this security app is that it can take pictures of snoops that try to get into your smartphone and don’t have your password.

This app is free, and you can easily do that on Google Play Store.

Smart Lock Screen

Well, this is obvious, it says it all with its name. As you already figured it out its developer makes lock screen apps.

The concept is simple; it mainly consists of a pin and photo lock. So all you need is to input your secret pin, and you are good to go if you don’t like the pin idea you can use a picture and this provides security to your phone. Best part it is free.

Screen Lock Guardian

It’s the best security app for a lock screen app on the market, unlike the other app locks this mainly focuses on the security of your phone.

This app lock uses a code! We all know how that works, it’s kinda difficult to bypass a code with how they usually set you are guaranteed of safety for your phone. Just in case someone thinks they smart enough to bypass your code and miss their picture gets taken as a token for you and you get to see them in your gallery.

If you feel that isn’t enough well it also updates you on the time the unauthorized personnel tried to use your phone. I love this app lock.

It also performs the basics of weather update; it’s not that customized am sorry for those who love beautiful wallpaper and all other than that it’s the perfect security app you need for your phone.
Not forgetting that its free!


The Best App Lock that is Password protected for Android Phones

In the end, it’s all about security for your smartphone. With the new upcoming apps, the Android OS has found a way to enable its users to be comfortable as possible. Tired of always locking your phone with pins and patterns every time? No more worries as there are apps that allow password protection for a single app and this narrows it down for the user.

If you just want to protect your gallery or messages or videos and not the entire phone, then these apps are the solution to your problem.


AppLock is the best security app to have on your smartphone anytime. This app has some unique features that are useful to the user; it enables the user to password protect his or her desired apps.

After you install this app, you will be required to provide an email address and set up your passcode lock. It also has room for customization; you get to set up desired backgrounds and give you’re the chance to personalize your phone.

AppLock also prevents other users from installing other apps or accessing your settings and even picking up your calls without your permission

Smart App Protector

This app has some cool features that don’t come with most app lock with password protection. It has a main feature known as the Observe mode which acts as a spy camera for your phone.

It monitors the process off unlocking apps and if one fails it captures a picture of the stranger using the front camera. Other features include multiple unlocking and offer themes that allows one to customize their phone.

Visidon AppLock

Visidon AppLock is different from the other apps that offer security to your phone as it uses facial recognition to secure apps. It has other forms of passwords if you don’t feel safe with the facial method.

It’s a good security app as it offers maximum security, we can agree that the chances of an intruder having your face are zero which sums it up that it’s the best app lock to have for your smartphone.



Who doesn’t love to take pictures? Selfies are now the in a thing, and with the upgraded camera that comes with your smartphone, no one can resist the idea of being naughty once in a while. You can now comfortably secure your photos and videos from strangers when you use these amazing apps


With this app, you have the better hand of ensuring your photos and videos are safe. The app lets you send all of your secret photos into a vault that’s secured. For one to access this they will require a pin or a password; it also blocks any access from the file manager.

Vaulty app enables you to share, search, rename and also filter your photos which applies to the videos too. You can easily have this app from Play store as it is free.

KeepSafe Photo Vault

As the name suggests, this app ensures your photos are secured. Its available for both OS and iOS users. It uses pin protection for one to access your images, it’s easy to use what you need is click on your image choose to share then select KeepSafe App, and your selected photos are safe.

This app doesn’t offer end to end encryption which makes it risky to use but other than that it’s a cool app to use


It’s the new app lock in the market and offers cool aspects while ensuring your photos and videos are secured. PicLock app uses PIN code hindering the nosy people from snooping on your privates.

It has some cool features; it enables one to hide and lock a couple of photos and videos, one can easily move photos between folders. All you have to do is tap on the shared icon while viewing your photos/videos and select PicLock from the app list and you do.



Most people don’t take phone security seriously until when it’s too late when they get exposed or lose their secrets to strangers or even when they lose their phone and realize they can’t get back their data back just because they only failed to back up to their Google accounts.

When it comes to security, you should not settle for any app you see out there without any information on how it works and what it offers to guarantee you the security you need. There are so many great security apps nowadays that ensures your phone is secured, some of the best are listed in this article, so it’s up to you to read and do more research on app locks before you settle for the right one.

I advocate for phone security to everyone who owns a smartphone; this is not a light issue because once the damage is done you only remain with regrets of not being a vigil to secure your phone which include all your information that you own.

Your phone being the most personal gadget to be in your possession doesn’t deserve to be handled carelessly, are you ready to let a stranger see your private information? If your answer is no, then how willing are you ready to go to ensure your smartphone is secured and not have to worry even when it gets misplaced? Or when you leave it out in a restaurant, car or even at home?

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