how to lock apps on iphone
how to lock apps on iphone or ipad

Simple guidance for you in how to lock apps on iPhone or iPad

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It is important for everyone to have the adequate privacy of their own. Nowadays, people are very secretive and want to protect their privacy, and they take proper measures to do so.

A lot of information can be obtained about a person from his mobile phone, and this is the reason why they put passwords and certain applications.

Most of the smartphone users today are iPhone users and the brand Apple is quite famous. Show the privacy of iOS users must be taken care of and there should know how to lock apps on iPhone.

Many people don’t know the way to lock apps on their smartphone.

Android users have a simple way and do not need to root their devices whereas iOS users must avail for the jailbreaking option so that they could lock the apps.

You can lock multiple apps on your iPhone. And there are various methods to do that.

Many people have researched the ways for locking these apps without jailbreaking your device, but no other way has been discovered.

The methods mentioned below can only be done if you have to jailbreak your iOS device. Various third-party apps can lock the app on your device.

One of the best apps to provide you with that function is bioprotect. You can buy the app for $ 2.99.

With the help of this application, you must lock your apps using touch id or even a passcode which you can remember to keep your private stuff secure, and no other person can access it.

The basic need for bioproduct to work on your device is that you have to enable your touch id.

To be sure about whether you should jailbreak your iOS device you can search the internet and look for the pros and cons this task and its effects on your device.

Once you make up your mind to jailbreak your device you can follow the following steps to enable locking apps on your iPad or iPhone.

How to lock apps on iPhone & iPad

  1. Launch Cydia on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. After you open Cydia, select settings and then go to manage and tap on sources. After that select the BigBoss Repo source and find bioprotect.
  3. Purchase the app and then install it.
  4. After the installation, you are provided with the option of protecting your apps with your fingerprint. But before using the bioprotect app, you must enable touch id on iPhone with your finger, and this app will always require touch id to be accessed.
  5. Again open the settings app and in the applications option will find the bioprotect app. Select the app and verify the fingerprint you have assigned.
  6. In the bioprotect settings, turn-on Protect AppSwitcher and then Vibrate on error.
  7. In the byproduct settings, you can assign the touch id to various apps and turn on the toggle to get them under the protected applications. These are the steps how to lock apps on iPhone or iPad.

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