Android system battery drain
Android system battery drain

Android system battery drain, Tips To Save Battery Drain

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Over the past few years, different things have been happening to Operating Systems. Nevertheless, one thing that has been a great problem for many Android device users is a random android system battery drain. Poorly optimized applications have been the reason behind this, though some people tend to ignore this.

Android system battery drain Tips

Android System and Android Operating System are the main sucking components that can suck your battery. The experience is always annoying since the battery drains for some unknown reasons, yet there is nothing that you can do about it since you do not know what is going on.

Nevertheless, some things can be done for you can do to rescue your phone battery from draining.Before explaining different ways of dealing with android system battery drain, you need to know that it can be caused by different functions and applications that are running in the background.

Applications such as Whatsapp and Facebook may need your location details. They can get this through asking the android system. The following are some ways that can be used to deal with this, though they are not 100% effective:

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Clearing Cache from Custom Recovery

For any battery drain problem, this is assumed to be the best solution. You can clear the background process through clearing the cache that is in the loop without reason, from the custom recovery. You can clear the cache through entering the stock recovery by pressing some button combinations.

Clearing Google Play Service Data

On Android phones, most things happen in the Google Play Services, though some people do not know this. Google Play Services update can sometimes drain your battery. You can solve this by wiping, from your Android settings, Google Play Services data.

Uninstalling Useless Apps

Poorly optimized applications encourage android system battery drain since they keep your phone awake in the background. If you can live without such applications, you need to uninstall them or get a low battery drain alternatives. Also, you need to deny some permission to these applications in addition to lowering the background refresh rate of the program if possible

Disabling Automatic Backup

All user settings together with the password can be backed up at an equal interval. What this means is that when you log in using another android device, settings like password and Wi-Fi setting will be updated or restored automatically. Nevertheless, this is somehow costly, and it can drain the battery.

Control Overheating

Overheating can be a major reason for android system battery drain. The fact that the phone is heating does not mean that your battery is faulty. Overheating can be because of live streaming, many applications running, hardware damage and gaming.

If you can reduce the streaming and gaming frequency, you can prevent overheating. If the clock speed is increased in a way that encourages overheating, you need to unplug your phones to save the battery life.

It is also important that you should always check, from mobile uncle application the battery information for you to realize whether it drains or not. For more information about android battery information, click

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