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Android device manager unlock is an amazing tool that helps in locating your stolen or lost phones. For security purposes, most phones are locked with fingerprints, passwords, patterns, etc., though there are moments when someone can meddle with your android phone or even stolen.

Worry not since all that you need to do is to allow the android device manager to unlock it. This could be possible if it were enabled on your phone before losing it. It can unlock your phone within a few minutes.

Also, if you do not remember your passcode, the Android Device Manager can unlock your phone’s password. It is very simple to do this, though you must have a Google account to set this device on your phone. If you have ever lost your device, you can track it down or wipe all data that was in it using a different online device.

How Does Android Device Manager Unlock Android Phone

Through the following android device manager unlock procedure; the android phones can be unlocked:

  • On mobile phone or computer, visit
  • then sign in using your Gmail login information that was used on the locked or stolen phone.
  • Select the device to be unlocked in the in the Android Device Manager interface and select ‘Lock.’
  • Type a temporary password, then click ‘Lock’ again.
  • If the above procedure becomes successful, you will get a confirmation in the dialog box with three buttons (Ring, Erase and Lock).
  • You will then see a password field on the screen, where you need to type the password that can be used to unlock the phone.
  • Go to lock screen settings on the phone and then disable your temporary password.

This process has some downside that can be faced by some users as they use the android device manager.

Your phone can also be locked with this device. There are two instances when you can you the only thing you can do is either use the device to unlock the device lock when the screen lock password has unfortunately been forgotten, and the other is to unlock your phone using the device.

Unlock your Android

The device is designed in such a way that it can lock your phone to make it inaccessible to the unknown person. Therefore, if the device has locked your phone, you can be a great problem.

Though this device is awesome as far as locking your phone when it has been stolen or lost is concerned, but most users still find it difficult to use it to unlock their phones. What you can do to solve this is using google login details to create a temporary password as well as bypassing the device lock.

You can also consider resetting the password. If this becomes impossible, you can use different third-party applications on the internet. So now, you know the importance of the Android Device Manager Unlock. Keep in mind that the device can only work when it is connected to the internet.

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